Do we really need a God?

Do we really need a God?

Let me guess. The first assumption of you guys might be that I’m definitely an atheist. So let me clarify again.

I’m not asking on whether God exists or not. We are not discussing that here. Let’s not talk about religions and atheism. Let’s move away from this whole drama of senseless bickering.

Let us just think for a silent minute.

Do we really need a God?

Try to recall the last successful thing you achieved by doing nothing except praying to your God.

Try to remember the last time a disease was cured by stopping treatment and only praying to God.

Try to imagine a world where everyone walks on the street blindfolded, relying solely on God’s good mood to save themselves from an accident.

When was the last time you felt thirsty and praying to God quenched your thirst?

When was the last time you felt hungry and praying to God satisfied your hunger?

When was the last time you desired a child and were blessed with a baby born to you or your spouse, without resorting to intercourse or any other means of reproduction?

When was the last time the dead came back to life?

I hear this lament all of the time, sometimes it even comes from my own lips, “Why doesn’t God help me in my troubles?”

Because what you are, what you do and what you achieve is not decided by the whims of a supernatural almighty God.

You succeed, survive, escape, prosper and most importantly, live because of yourself.

It is with this thought in mind that I beseech you.

Let’s just think for a silent minute.

Do we really need a God?


The Day That Woke Me Up


I woke up!!

I woke up, but the desire to sleep had not completely abandoned me. I just laid in the bed, trying to overcome my sleeping demons. The room was dark – the small yellow bulb, insignificant when the tube light was switched on, was gleaming at its brightest but its powers were limited. I closed my eyes. I heard a few voices. It was my mom talking with one of our neighbours.

The neighbour was a woman, probably in late her 30s. I don’t know her name, “Aunty” is the way I usually address her. Here is her maternal home. She is divorced and lives with her aging father and mother. She is not that old, has two sons but recently she was also not able to walk properly due to some ailment.

She must have been a feisty young girl someday, but that day she seemed so weak and feeble. She had gone to a ‘bhajan’ and my mother, being as inquisitive as she always is, had stopped her in the balcony to ask what had been going on lately. The neighbour was telling her how the ‘bhajans’ and the peaceful religious ambiance relieved her momentarily of her pains. The rest was obvious chit-chat and at the end my mother wished her good and assured everything will be okay, as she did to everyone (when she was in a good mood).

There was something about that conversation that broke my sleep and got me thinking, thinking strange. Today, I lie here in this bed with infinite dreams in my eyes, infinite hopes for a better future, infinite possibilities. But many people, in fact, most of the people around me, their life today are merely a life of reconciliation, a life of reconsideration, a life of adjustment. It was not what they had wished for or even hoped for. For most of them, they had limited or no hope to look forward to. Mid-life, if I find myself with nothing ahead to look forward to, I just earn money and somehow manage to comply with my duties. If I just live life fighting with the world at every point or worse, if I live life the way the world forces me to live … what will I do then?

If I don’t create something, if I don’t write, if I don’t do poetry, if I don’t do the thing I like doing, then what’s the point of existence just for the sake of it.

With all these thoughts spinning in my head, I went to have a glass of water. Returning, I hung by the balcony and looked down on the streets. I saw children playing badminton. They were enjoying themselves to the tilt. But that fun was continually disrupted by the altercations they had. These arguments originated from their desire to win and it completely overrode the feeling of sheer joy and sparkling fun they had while enjoying the wonderful game of badminton. It was strange that I was thinking on those lines today, because I am a firm believer of a simple policy of “YOU PLAY TO WIN”. Had I been on the field, I would have been behaving the exact same way the kids were doing.

But that day, from above, it seemed different. I realized the result is not important, the process is.
The destination is not all that matters, the journey does.




“Have you done anything productive today?”

My mom’s words the moment she stepped into the living room where I was sitting super-relaxed on the couch, lounging in front of the TV.

Hmmmmm. No. Not really! Bumming is more like it.

“Yeah, I have. I just watched two Disney Channel shows, one HBO movie, and X-Files on AXN. What’s more productive than that?”

 Okay. That wasn’t exactly the kind of productive activity she was expecting from me. But still, productive.

Mom shook her head and mumbled as she went to the bedroom, of which I heard the last two words, “Lazy Ass”!! 

She had been saying this for a few days now. Already been a habit hearing it. Still, something struck right in my face. 

Smack! That did it.

I reached for the remote, flipped the TV off and dragged myself inside my room.


“O my god, You’re so lazy!”

“Who?? Me?”

“Yes, you!!”

“O my god, will you shut up?”

 Basically, that’s me and my conscience arguing. But before you freak out and start screaming “U CRAZY!!” at me, let me just clarify that I don’t normally talk to myself out loud. So I guess it’s safe to say that I still haven’t crossed that one line which separates sanity from full-on frenzy. Yet.

But that’s already bordering to Too Much Information about me. So let’s not discuss it again.

The point is, no matter how annoying my conscience could get, it’s still telling the truth. The truth that keeps smacking me in the face: I’m 110% lazy. Something I’ve come to terms with ever since I was a kid. 

You’d say procrastination. I’d say laziness. Screw it. This is my blog. 

At times, I think dragging your ass to do something is one thing. Programming your fresh-from-procrastination-and-yet-to-be-productive mind to start doing it is another. Laziness wins, either way!

So in honour of my laziness, I decided to start blogging. Kidding. I created this blog so I have an excuse to be a part of this huge blog-osphere, which I have been putting off for a long time in favour of being lazy.

Minus the guilt trip, laziness can be a lot of fun. Especially when it allows me to creep up on that random facebook friend who has the habit of taking her relationship woes to social media. Or how it gives me the privilege to stay up-to-date to two strangers’ ongoing twitter battles. Sometimes I think what a gossip I am. No wonder I barely get things done every day. That’s how hopeless my case is.

But as they say, “Some good things never last.” That said, I decided to bid my laziness adieu. Though it’s still debatable whether I could stick to it or not.

Anyway, how does “Productivity A Day Challenge” sound? Get some inspiration?

OK. So what did I do?

I took a deep breath, stood up and took slow strides back into the living room and switched on the TV again!


Diaries and Memories


Dear Diary,

Last night, I found my old diary. The one I maintained back in high-school (I actually managed to own 2. Whoa!! I think I’m more surprised by that fact). So I guess that makes it 7 years old by now.

Amazing how so many things have changed in a span of 7 years. If there’s one thing that never did though, it’s probably my never-ending battle to gain weight. With my hilarious and vain efforts just to gain a couple more pounds serving as a funny nod to it.

I definitely had a good time reading it, in between smiling, laughing, and face-palming myself. But mostly laughing and face-palming. It reminded me how silly and superficial a teenage kid could be. Funny how we took ourselves seriously at that phase in our lives, thinking that we perceived things rationally like what an adult does. When, in fact, we didn’t know any better. Heck, 7 years later and I’m still none the wiser.

Reading my old entries definitely helped me put things in perspective.

Well, talking in general, some of us may only write for our own amusement, while other people may want to share their writing with family and friends, and yet others will want to share their diary with the world. Today with the internet and online diaries like blogging, this is something very easy to do. But I think there is still a “magic” about someone keeping a diary. As for the unreliable brains that we develop growing old, some memories and secrets are worth kept in a diary for your older-self. Because to be able to enjoy one’s past life is to live twice.

Maybe I should keep a diary again just so I can laugh at my 22-year old self 7 years from now.

Hmmm…..Let me see!!

My Bucket List

bucket list writing

All over the place, I keep hearing about the importance of accountability from people. If you make a goal public and have people to hold you accountable, you are much more likely to accomplish your goals.

There are so many things I want to do and accomplish. Sometimes we have to prioritize things to succeed and reach our goals, but we should never forget about the little things. I don’t want to wake up one day as an old man and say,“I wish I had done that.”

So this is how I am holding myself accountable.

I decided to come up with my own “Things-to-do-before-I-Die List” a.k.a “My Bucket-List”. I created this list because there are so many things I want to do in my life. Some are possible, some will remain a dream. I don’t care. As long as I’m alive and healthy, I’d do anything to put a check mark against each item in the list. At this point, you might think I’m crazy. But, trust me; craziness is what drives your inner soul to feel alive. For as long as I live, I expect this list to be a work in progress; also it will always give me something to strive for.

I had already made some list when I was very young and I’m proud to say I have accomplished some of them. So, keep in mind this is the second iteration of my list, or version 2.0 as I like to call it. I had quite a fun time making this list really, and quite a long time too. I will keep on updating this list and check mark the ones I accomplish.

Here it goes.

1. Start a blog √
2. Learn to swim
3. Explore India
4. Start my own business
5. Learn to drive a car √
6. Write a book and get it published (at least one)
7. Own my own house
8. Plant a tree √
9. Learn horse riding
10. Go on a road trip with my best friends
11. Do voice over for an animated movie (Been my dream since I saw Madagascar)
12. Take my Parents on their First Trip Abroad
13. Fly First/Business Class (I just really, really want to lie down on a bed while flying, okay?)
14. Ride a bike across a country
15. Be on TV
16. Learn to play the guitar and spend an afternoon singing as a street performer
17. Try Bungee Jumping
18. Go on a blind date
19. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
20. Give a College Speech
21. Go on a Eurotrip
22. Get a tattoo
23. Sky dive
24. Learn Kick-Boxing
25. Geek Out at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
26. Go backstage at a concert
27. Ride on a Camel
28. Share a cab with a stranger √
29. Spend the entire day by myself
30. Drive a Lamborghini
31. Hold my breath for one whole minute
32. Participate in a flash mob
33. Ride in a helicopter
34. Visit England and ask around using a fake British Accent
35. Pilot an airplane
36. Go fishing and actually catch one
37. Go alone on a sea voyage (Like in Life of Pi)
38. Run a marathon
39. Learn to juggle √
40. Watch Linkin-Park perform live
41. Go to the Old Trafford and watch a Manchester United game live
42. Learn enough Spanish to carry a 5 minute conversation with a stranger
43. Play golf like professionals
44. Anonymously send someone a gift √
45. Be a part of a Movie crew
46. Learn to DJ
47. Leave a message in a bottle and set it afloat
48. Record a song in a music studio
49. Learn wrestling moves from John Cena (big fan of WWE although I know its all fake)
50. Tweet from Space
51. Run with the bulls in Spain
52. Witness something truly majestic

Who Am I Doing This For?


Recently I’ve been thinking about my reasons for blogging.  For many blogging is a business tool.  For me it is merely an outlet for my thoughts and writings.  I am conflicted because I want to write about whatever strikes me in that moment, but I also want my blog to be enjoyable for my readers.  Since reading books and other blogs is one of my favorite things to do, I started my blog intending to center it around them.  I also wanted to create another page entitled “off topic.”  This was supposed be a place for me to write about non-reading topics.  Unfortunately I am the type of person who can only focus on one thing at  time, so the “off topic” idea quickly lost its appeal.  As for a starter like me, I think I have enough to do without starting a million different blog tangents.

I used to think blogs were like online journals, and in this case my desire to write what I want would be enough.  But I think blogs are more than that. For recreational bloggers, they provide an outlet for social interaction.  If you want to blog for the social exchange of ideas, then part of the approach will need to include a consideration of what will engage the readers. But being a lazy writer doesn’t help a bit here. I’m starting to think engaging the readers aside, I’ve no idea what am i supposed to start with!!

Contrary to that, my non-lazy self thinks one of the great things about being a blogger is that the moment you start writing, the words start to come out naturally. And when they do, there’s no stopping them. It’s like you’ve turned a tap on and a continuous stream of water suddenly runs from it. Then the next thing you know, you’re already scrambling to keep up.

VOILA!! There you see, I’ve written another post so easily.

Not bad for a starter I guess!!

Was life supposed to be like this?



As I sit in the bright sun,

With the warm rays falling on my face

I can’t help but think,

Is life a journey to be cherished?

Or a tough race to be finished?

People rush to get things done

Never stop for a bit of fun.

Was life supposed to be like this?


As I hear the little birds chirp,

The sound of it reaches my heart

I can’t help but think,

Is there a reason for people to be selfish?

Or is it just a desire to be the best?

What are they trying to gain?

When they are ready to sacrifice their respect?

Was life supposed to be like this?


As I feel the wind blowing,

With its oh-so-lovely touch,

I can’t help but think

Why can’t we just go with the flow?

Why are there wars

And why are there battles,

The world was made for all humans alike.

Was life supposed to be like this?


As I hear the horns blaring,

And see the cars zipping by

I can’t help but think

Of what use is our life?

When not a difference we can make.

No time to relax, no time for leisure,

And no time to spend with people we love

Life sure wasn’t supposed to be like this.